The Retriever Trainings Treff (RTT)

Welcome to the Website of the RTT

The "Retriever Trainings Treff e.V." is located in the Cologne / Bonn / Düsseldorf area of Germany. We are a member of the German Sporting Dog Society (DSV) and are affiliated to the German Kennel Club (VDH).

The RTT was founded in 1992. The club set itself the aim of providing guidance for Retriever owners, helping them to raise and train their dogs so that the day to day relationship between the owner and his dog can be as uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible. Based on these aims our main effort is to encourage training using the natural working ability of the Retriever.

Our trainers are experienced Retriever owners, who have already worked successfully with their dogs. They pass this experience on in a voluntary capacity. Anyone joining our courses should realise that their own success is dependent on regularly taking part, and then consistently applying that which has been learnt at home.

Today, the RTT is an established club with a steady quota of around 280 members. Success in Competition, both in Germany and abroad, has helped us to become respected guests and host at various events.

We also have several social events during the year allowing families to take part in club life. This helps to ease the pressure of day to day training, and also provides us with new ideas. All of our members are involved in the achievements and success of the club.

Our motto could well be quoted as:

"For the good of the dog and his owner"

Best regards,
The RTT e.V.